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If your heart is broken like mine because you can’t go to Portland, Oregon to see the MAYBE SOMEDAY concert, well guess what? YOU CAN GO!! Click this link, sign up and WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hoping you ALL had a wonderful holiday! Sorry I’m a VERY late in wishing you this! Now it’s the end of January! Wow! Where does the time fly???


My blog – Laurie Here – Contemporary Fiction and MORE – Book Reviews  is still there! Here is the link to go there! Just click this link here: and you’ll go there! LOTS of Book Reviews, LOTS of Blog Hop Giveaways, and just LOTS of books! Hope to see you there!!!

Plans for the future of this blog – I’m not sure yet??? I can’t run two blogs at once, but I do have an idea! We’ll see how it works out! Till next time!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2013!!!!!

Don’t forget – you can currently find me at

Thank you!!!!

Have a safe holiday!!!


PS. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!!!!


Hi Everyone!

I WILL get this blog up and running! Currently you can find me at Blogger at Laurie Here – Contemporary Fiction and MORE – Book Reviews and that LINK is and as I work here slowly to get THIS blog up and running with AWESOME REVIEWS, I want to thank ‘1’ author who changed my WORLD!

@ColleenHoover! She has changed my view on Young Adult/New Adult books forever!!! I LOVED her books! They were the BEST OF 2012!!!!!

You can find Colleen Hoover at at her blog! PLEASE VISIT HER THERE!

Thanks for reading!


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